Greek Intelligence seeks to hire “Macedonian” language speakers

The National Intelligence Service (EYP) is looking to hire translators for the”Macedonian” language, according to a notice published in the Government Gazette yesterday, Thursday 14 February.

Thus fears that Greece has recognized the language of its northern neighbor as “Macedonian” under this treaty, have been confirmed, even before the ink on the ratification of the Prespa Agreement by the Greek Parliament has dried, in the most formal way. What, could be more formal than a proclamation for job positions of the Greek state and even the National Intelligence Service, one of the most sensitive structures of the state?

This announcement concerns a total of 302 positions of various specialties (drivers, IT specialists, economists, psychologists, but also … night watchmen), including a total of 56 translators.

Of these 56 translators, four positions concern linguists of the “Macedonian (South Slavic) language”, as is stated. Indeed, it is stated that the knowledge of “Macedonian (South Slavic) language” gives the applicant additional points for the positions of translators

(Defence-point: it is not the only language that gives extra points to candidates. The same benefits are extended to other “difficult” languages such as Turkish, Arabic, Urdu, etc).

The term “Macedonian language” is also referred to three times in the text as its knowledge gives additional points for a candidate’s qualification.

(DP editors: According to reliable sources, a significant effort will be made to organize EYP’s cyber warfare service)