Rama: Albania discussing border changes with Greece

In a statement that raises many questions, Albania’s prime minister, speaking in a TV show on Vision Plus TV, among others, said his country is talking with Greece on border changes.

“What are we talking about today with Greece? The borders. What did Kosovo and Montenegro talk about and things took place? The borders. Why not discuss the border between Kosovo and Serbia? We will discuss them because it is a delineation process. For this reason, we as a nation must grow up and not behave like neighborhood street urchins. They will chase us with rocks. Politicians think about the upcoming elections, statesmen think about the next generation,” said Rama, also placing Greece in the ‘frame’ of Western Balkan countries, with which Albania is raising a question regarding borders.

Speaking with journalist Sokol Ball, the Albanian Prime Minister strongly attacked those who opposed the idea of redefining the Kosovo borders, calling it “part” of Albania. “For me, Kosovo is part of Albania. The rest are issues of Ramush Haradinaj,” he said, basically responding to what the Kosovo Prime Minister recently said that Tirana is involving itself in domestic affairs in his country.

The Albanian prime minister reiterated that the goal should be the union of Kosovo with Albania