Leonardo presents cutting edge systems at IDEX/NAVDEX

On IDEX’s 25th anniversary Leonardo celebrates its long-term partnership with the UAE with a stronger presence in the country and the prospects of new partnerships.

Continuing the tradition as a leading supplier of training aircraft, Leonardo will be promoting its new generation pilot training systems that cover the entire flight training syllabus: from basic training, with the new M-345 – which will replace Italian Air Force MB-339s starting from 2020 –, to advanced and lead-in fighter training, with the M-346, which will be presented in its Fighter Attack version.

For the first time in the region, Leonardo will present its Counter UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) capabilities based on an ‘open systems’ architecture, which enables the selection and integration of an appropriate sensor and effector mix for the specific scenario and operator and phase of engagement. Leonardo C-UAS capabilities are already operational with the Armed Forces of Italy and the UK and are available to be quickly and easily deployed in a civilian context, at airports or major events, all over the world.

Defence systems are another sector in which Leonardo excels and it will be showcasing systems, for both land and naval applications at IDEX and NAVDEX. These will include the HITFACT® MkII lightweight, modular turret, which can be configured with either a 105/52 mm rifled gun or a 120/45 mm smoothbore low-recoil-force gun; also on display will be the Company’s guided ammunition offer, including the 76mm DART, used for engaging fast-moving targets, and the Vulcano family 76mm and 127mm naval guns, and 155mm land artillery systems, which can deliver an effect at extreme range with surgical precision.

Leonardo is a technological leader in the field of airborne sensors and protection technology and will be showcasing its high performance Osprey Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar which features ultra-high levels of reliability and attractive cost-of-ownership.

Protective capabilities such as the world-leading BriteCloud Expendable Active Decoy and Miysis Directed Infrared Counter-Measure (DIRCM) will also be on display. These systems are readily exportable to the Middle East region, where Miysis has already been ordered. For land and naval applications Leonardo has its multi-functional and multi-mission radar family called KRONOS, which can simultaneously and independently perform surveillance and tracking thanks to the AESA technology developed within the company. The KRONOS in its different versions is well known in the area, starting from the UAE where the Abu Dhabi class corvettes integrate the radar system, as well as the Falaj 2 class Patrol Vessels.

Leonardo will also be marketing its AW139M, AW149 and AW109M Trekker military helicopters, designed to perform a wide range of law enforcement, search and rescue, security, utility, and troop transport missions and border and coastal surveillance, day or night, in all conditions, will be displayed in model form. Leonardo’s AW159 multi-role anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare helicopter will be presented at NAVDEX.