IDEX 2019: Al Seer envisions future larger USV platform

Al Seer Marine is looking to develop another USV to add to its existing fleet of platforms, as the company seeks potential markets for its 11m Tamin interdiction platform.

The new ‘larger’ USV would be worked up over the next 12-18 months, according to Lee Drinkwater, head of business development and strategy. Drinkwater was unable to provide additional details on the programme.

A series of demonstrations are being conducted during IDEX 2019 at the NAVDEX outdoor display area, with the Tamin apparently fitted with an electrical charge weapon system intended to stop boats through less lethal means.

The Tamin can be fitted with a range of payloads depending on customer requirements or intended mission. This includes RWS, EO/IR and LRAD possibilities, with third-party payloads able to be fitted due to its modular build.

Currently the platform is listed as having a top speed of 45kt and range of around 300nm, depending on cruising speed and payload weight.

Should the platform secure a customer Al Seer Marine would be able to meet production demands stated Drinkwater, with a Tamin taking around three months to manufacture.

Drinkwater said that one of the key selling points for the platform is that it is not export restricted with the Tamin also featuring additional layers of communications redundancy through in-built RF, 4G and satellite capabilities to ensure a constant signal from operator to platform.