Erdogan in hot water over East Mediterranean policies

Turkish president Erdogan has found himself in a tight spot, politically motivated by the fact that the opposition in Turkey is accusing him of a tragic failure in his policy in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Apart from the complete isolation in which he and the country have arrived, he has failed to find “bucketfuls of oil” in his alleged drilling in the Gulf of Mersin.

This situation is dangerous because, for internal policy reasons, it is likely to force him to escalate proclivities against Cyprus, using the military as a “tool”.

The issue of Turkish politics in the region was brought before the Grand Turkish National Assembly, by Republican People’s Party Member Ali Mahir Basarir, who asked for control over the spending made by Erdogan’s Islamic government in relation to the result it brought.

Equally disappointing are the results from drilling, which is also supposed to be made near Alanya. The other concerns raised by the MP’s question are, in principle, Erdogan’s alleged intention to sell to Qatar the two largest state-owned companies in the energy sector, TPAO and BOTA┼×, and the demand to clarify how much cost was for renting the three research vessels from Norway.

Overall, if the situation continues to be the way it is today, Turkey, in a difficult economic climate, will be saddled with an estimated $ 2 billion, without the slightest effect.