Greek gas concern wants LNG ship

While the bill on dividing Public Gas Corporation of Greece A.E. (DEPA) into two companies is in the final stage of processing by the Greek  Ministry of Environment and Energy to be submitted to the Greek Parliament on February 28, the company plans to further develop its activity in the LNG market by preparing the tender notice for the recruitment of a technical consultant to undertake the construction of a LNG ship.

The aim of DEPA is to ship liquefied natural gas to other ships in Piraeus and other Greek ports and, according to information, the competition will be open until the end of March.

The vessel is expected to have a capacity of about 3,000 cubic meters. The LNG transport will be the first of its kind in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.

It will be able to meet LNG supply needs at the LNG hub of Psitalia, on the coast W of Athens and Piraeus. while also being able to transport liquefied gas to other major ports in the country for the supply of ships.