Suicide bomber in Iran was Pakistani

The suicide attacker who caused the death of 27 members of the Revolutionary Guard in Iran near the border with Pakistan last week was Pakistani, a high-ranking officer of the Revolutionary Guards announced, a statement released by Iranian news agency Tasnim.

Another, who was a member of the cell that planned the attack, was also a Pakistani citizen, added the head of the Land Forces of the Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier Mohammad Pakpur.

Iran has repeatedly accused Pakistan of supporting militants associated with attacks on its border. However, today’s statement appears to be the first one in which Tehran speaks of direct involvement of Pakistani civilians in an attack.

Iran also accuses its regional rival, Saudi Arabia, of incitement of violence among Iran’s Sunni minority. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia deny any role in the attacks on Iran.

Three Iranians from the province of Sistan and Baluchistan in Southeast Iran are also members of this cell, and two of them were arrested, according to Pakpur. The guards had announced yesterday the arrest of three people in connection to this attack.

The Sunni Alliance Jaish al Adl (JSA), which claims to want more rights and better living conditions for the Baluchi minority, has assumed responsibility for this attack.

Today, Saudi Arabia is at the heart of the evil in the region and in the world,” Paksur said at the ceremony, commemorating the head of the Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Salami, the commander of the dead of the attack, according to the Iranian Fars news agency.

The remnants of the car used in the suicide attack were handed over to the police, Pakpur added, noting that security forces and intelligence services had arrested when the owner of the car was identified. The fighters planned to make many attacks, Pakpur concluded, as “this organization was equipped with much ammunition and equipment”.