Turkish Cypriots owe over € 272 mln for power given by Cyprus

The cost of electricity consumption in Pyla and the occupied areas for the period 1964-2017 has reached € 272,546,000, excluding the interest that would correspond to the amount due each year. In such a case, the total amount of the debt to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus would exceed € 1 billion. Based on the EAC’s official data, it appears that the cost of unpaid electricity has in the last years averaged over € 1 million a year, including interest accruing on amounts due.

The above figures are referenced in a confidential letter sent to the House by the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, of Cyprus, George Lakkotropis in the House dated 14/2/2019 in response to a relevant question sent by Giorgos Perdikis through parliamentary procedures on 9/10/2015, more than three years ago.

Mr. Lakkotropis’ letter also states that the cost of unpaid electricity consumption from the occupied areas is included in the total amount presented in the EAC’s annual budget, in particular in articles on electricity generation, transmission and distribution without specifying whether this the cost of unpaid electricity consumption is passed on the backs of Greek Cypriot consumers.

It is also stated in the letter that the occupation regime paid in full the electricity supplied to it by the EAC on various occasions from 2016 onwards.