IDEX 2019: Russia is making new 40N6 missiles for China’s S-400 Chemezov reveals

The head of Russian Technologies, Sergei Chemezov, spoke during a press conference at IDEX 2019 about the fate of anti-aircraft guided missiles that Russia was supposed to deliver to the Chinese Armed Forces for the S-400 Triumf systems.

Chemezov said that the ship carrying the missiles on board (40N6 missiles), ran into a storm on February 19, and the missiles had to be destroyed because they were damaged. Russian defence industry is now making new missiles, and is planning to deliver them to China soon.

The ship was carrying a command post, a radar station, power and auxiliary equipment, spare parts, tools, accessories and other elements of the system. The contract between Russia and China for the supply of at least six S-400 divisions to the Chinese Armed Forces ais evaluated at over $3 billion.