Lockheed Martin unveils F-16 spinoff for India

American aerospace giant Lockheed Martin unveiled a new fighter, the F-21, at the Indian Air Show “Aero India 2019. The new fighter is based on the F-16 and is destined for the Indian Air Force.

“The F-21 was created to be built in India and reinforces the country’s future in the future,” a LM executive said. “The F-21 covers our commitment to India for a new, advanced, aircraft for Indian aviation while providing great opportunities for new technologies,” he added.

LM will build the aircraft in collaboration with Indian Tata Advanced Systems. “The F-21 is different both on the inside and outside from the F-16,” said a senior executive at the company.

LM participates in the competition for the new Indian fighter alongside Boeing that promotes F/A-18, Saab with Jas-39 Gripen, Dassault with Rafale, European Eurofighter co-production, EF-2000 Typhoon and Russian candidatures.