ISIS victims’ mass grave found in Rakka

The most horrific visage of terror caused by the jihadists in Syria is only now beginning to come to light a few days after Washington announced the total victory of Allied forces and the defeat of the Islamic State.

As Syrian media reported, the burial ground was just outside Rakka and is the largest mass grave left behind by the jihadists, found so far. Next to a farm, at a depth of one meter, more than 3,500 corpses were found, victims of the Islamic State. ISIS had occupied the area for many years and tortured and killed thousands of people.

The mass grave was found in a field in the Al-Fukheikha area, one year after its release by the jihadists, following the entry and clearance operation in the city of Raka and its suburbs. Raca was the capital of the Islamic State, and its recovery marked the beginning of the end of Caliphate.

“We found 2,500 to 3,000 bodies, and around 900 to 1,100 individual graves around,” said one of the leaders in the region.

The first remains were found a month ago, and hundreds of people had been killed in the previous week. The number of victims, most of them executed, has risen to 3,500 while the count continues.

According to the lists of missing persons, there are hundreds of foreign citizens among the local residents, the exact number of which can not be ascertained. The next step is the identification of the bodies, in order to put an end to the long-standing drama experienced by relatives.