Iran is refitting thousands of Hezbollah’s “dumb rockets” with upgrade kits

Dr. Aaron Lerner writting for the Israeli IMRA (Independent Media Review and Analysis) reveals that to target Israel, Iran’s ‘Suitcase’ GPS Kits Turn Hezbollah Rockets Into Guided Missiles. Military sources say Iran is refitting thousands of ‘dumb’ rockets in Syria and Lebanon so it can zero in on targets the length and breadth of Israel.

He alleges that according to senior Israeli military officers, Iranian sent jumbo cargo jets into Beirut Airport carrying missile to upgrade the missile arsenal of the Shiite Hezbollah organization.

The missile upgrade kits are the size of “small roll-aboard luggage”. Senior Israeli military officers have said that the missiles upgrade could be carried out in a small room, taking two to three hours a missile.

The same sources are stressing that while Israel bombs Syrian locations, the Israeli Air Force does not bomb anything inside Lebanon despite the rhetoric of holding the government of Lebanon also accountable for the actions and provocations of Hezbollah forces.

Dr. Lerner emphasizes that one jumbo cargo jet can carry well over a thousand pieces of “small roll-aboard luggage”, adding that the public assessment that only a few missiles have been upgraded in Lebanon so far may not be the figure being shared in classified reports.