Turkish minister: Within 15 days the first results from the drilling

Fatih Donmez also said unequivocally that there will be no backtracking as regards the rights of the Turkish Cypriots to Cyprus’s energy sources

“Within 1-2 weeks we will reach 5,500 meters. So we will find out if there is anything there, “the Turkish Energy Minister said, claiming they have come close to their target with the drilling by floating rig ‘Fatih’ outide of Antalya.

Fatih Donmez stressed that Turkey has been monitoring developments in the Eastern Mediterranean  lately. “We analyze each of the thousands of data we collect separately from there to find out which are the most likely areas and during drilling what can be done to find out what is there.

We started our first drilling with our ship ‘Fatih’ outside Antalya. We are more or less close to reaching our goal. Perhaps within 1-2 weeks, we will have reached 5,500 meters. And then we will know if there is anything there, “said Fatih Donmez, who informed that the second drilling rig is already in Turkish shipyards for maintenance work. “We will continue our drilling with both ships. An opposition MP criticized us for this.

Here we are looking for the country’s energy sources, there is no political dimension in this. What has been said recalls the statements of some countries that did not want us to be there. If you can not appreciate it, better be silent. We can not find from the first, we do not know it … If everyone found it on the first drilling, oil would be at $ 10. And investigations are also very important for a fair distribution of resources in the region, ” the Turkish Energy Minister said, who also said that these surveys were made through Turkish platforms and staff, otherwise the cost would be double.

Fatih Donmez has also stated unequivocally that there will be no backtracking in the rights of the Turkish Cypriots to Cyprus’ energy sources. “TRNC’s oil exploration license is valid for both the Turkish Republic and the TRNC areas. We have long argued that the energy sources belong to both communities in Cyprus and must be shared, but we also say that a series of actions are wrong without having taken into account the Turkish Cypriot community. And we have stated that we will unequivocally defend their rights. And we are moving forward with determination in this direction. There is no question of any retreat. “