IDF large-scale military drill testing various war-scenarios

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is conducting a large-scale military drill simulating various war scenarios, including in the Gaza Strip, the military spokesman announced. The three-day drill includes units from different IDF forces, “including infantry, armored, artillery, and aviation,” the military spokesman said.

The IDF stressed that the exercise is intended to ” test operational readiness for various combat scenarios, especially in the Gaza Strip. The maneuver includes the movement of a large number of troops to different regions, the concentration of forces in certain locations, live fire and air maneuvers, the military spokesman said.

The maneuvers are being carried out after criticism has spread within the army’s own ranks, especially by the former ombudsman of the armed forces, who argues that the ground troops are not prepared for a large-scale war.

In recent weeks, there has been a dramatic escalation in the level of violence along the border with Gaza, with daily riots and the return of incendiary balloon attacks, which had dissipated after a kind of ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, which controls Gaza.