Turkey begins grandiose exercise “Blue Motherland”

The armed forces of Turkey and its propaganda mechanism are fully mobilized in view of the Mavi Vatan exercise, which is described as a “rehearsal for war” and as the greatest in the history of Turkey.

In a statement, the Turkish Ministry of Defense stated that “our fleet is ready for the” Blue Motherland” exercise,” noting that it will take place “simultaneously in three seas”.

These are the Aegean Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean – including the maritime area near Cyprus – and the Black Sea.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense, in the context of the communications storm it has released, also published an epic-style video for the “Blue Motherland” exercise, which will start tomorrow, Wednesday, February 27th and will end on March 8th.

In the ten-day live-fire exercise, 102 warships of all kinds, fighter jets, unmanned aircraft, helicopters, marines and troops, as well as part of the coastguard will be participating.

At the same time, Turkish weapon systems such as Cirit and Umtas missiles will be used for the first time.


The Turkish armada will sail – mainly – from the bases at Akzaz, across Rhodes, and the Gjoljuk base, in the Marmara Sea.

It is worth noting that the exercise will begin just one day before Exxon Mobil’s announcements – on Thursday – on its find of a large field in the Cypriot EEZ.

The response of the Hellenic Armed Forces

The Greek Armed Forces seem to be calmly managing the provocations of Turkey involving the “Blue Motherland” exercise.

According to an ANT1 report, the level of readiness of the Armed Forces is at “peace level” – “blue”, which means that no extraordinary measure have been taken, nor has it meant any kind of “alert” in view of the Turkish exercise.

Nonetheless, both the Ministry of National Defense and the General Staff, are waiting to see if Erdogan and Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar meet their commitments to curb provocation.

It is worth noting that on Monday, two days before the start of the exercise, the Turks made 11 airspace violations in the Aegean.

“We will defend our Blue Motherland of 462,000 square kilometers”

On Monday, Minister Hulusi Akar made a very provocative statement in which he reiterated the doctrine of the “Blue Motherland”.

In particular, he stressed that “we have taken all necessary measures to defend our prerogatives and our rights to 462 thousand sq. Km. of our Blue Motherland,” referring to the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Black Sea.

“There will be no random steps that do not include Turkey. In these places I have mentioned, we will not allow any fait accompli, ” the Turkish defense minister said, putting the issue of Cyprus EEZ and gas deposits on the table.