Turkey signs contract for “Heavy-Class Attack Helicopter Project”

Turkey’s Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSB) and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) signed a Project Agreement for creating a heavy Attack Helicopter. SSB chairman Dr. İsmail Demir, Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), TUSAŞ and defense industry sector representatives attended the ceremony.

The Heavy Attack Helicopter project was launched to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces in this area and is part of stemming reliance on foreign sources for weapon system procurement.

The helicopter to be developed will have approximately two times the take-off weight of ATAK helicopter, with intent being on creating a world-class aircraft in this category.

Turkish designers plan to design and produce an effective highly maneuverable attack helicopter, equipped with advanced technology target tracking and imaging, electronic warfare, navigation, communication and weapon systems, capable of carrying a high payload, and resistant to challenging environmental factors.

The project also aims to maximize the use of domestic systems, to ensure security of supply and freedom of export.

It is believed that the Heavy Class Attack Helicopter Project will play an important role in reducing foreign dependency, in the implementation of domestic, national and innovative solutions with the knowledge gained in the current domestic projects and in increasing the effectiveness of the Turkish Armed Forces.

The first test flight is scheduled to take place five years now.

The technical features of the helicopter are as follows:
— 10-tonne class
— will have 2 turboshaft engines
— Over 200 kilograms of useful cargo
— Tandem cockpit.
— High altitude and high-temperature conditions
— Resistant to environmental factors
— High forward speed
— Advanced electronic warfare and countermeasure systems
— Large-caliber cannon, air-to-air missile systems with new generation 2,75-inch rockets, long range anti-tank missiles with various guidance systems.