Turkish exercise Mavi Vatan begins opposite Rhodes

The “Blue Motherland”, the largest exercise “in the history of the Turkish Republic” according to the headquarters of the Turkish armed forces, began at dawn on Wednesday. The start of the “rehearsal for war“, as the Turkish media described it, was at 5:00 on the morning of February 27, with the exercise being completed in ten days on 8 March. The first images from the bases of Aksaz – opposite Rhodes and Gjoljuk, in the Marmara Sea:

Mavi Vatan, in the Turkish Blue Country, in the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean (and Cyprus) and the Black Sea will have a total of 103 ships.

Among them, 13 frigates, 9 corvettes, 16 cruisers, 7 submarines, 7 miners, 17 support ships, 14 coastguard boats, 22 exit ships and a training vessel.

In addition, helicopters, unmanned aircraft (Bayraktar type), marines, commandos, and part of the coastguard will be involved, and Turkish weapon systems such as the Umtas and Cirit missiles will be pre-programmed.

It is recalled that the 10-day exercise will be carried out with real fire and under the watch of Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar.

Opposite Rhodes the baseline scenario for the first day

According to the Cypriot sigmalive, the baseline scenario of the first day will “unfold” outside the naval base of Aksaz, across from Rhodes.

There, five frigates will sail to deal with asymmetric threats from a ship taken over by terrorists and also an aircraft.

Minesweeper Anamur will also participate In this scenario, clearing mines to open the area for the frigates.

Early in the morning, Turkey’s social networking media were dominated┬áby propaganda videos concerning the massive aeronautical exercise.