US signs deal for 110 Boeing airliners with Vietnam

Donald Trump signed today a trade agreement with Vietnam worth more than $ 20 billion, as several Vietnamese airlines have agreed to purchase Boeing aircraft and related US aviation technology.

VietJet airline will buy 100 Boeing 737-Max and 215 GE / CFM engines, while Bamboo Airways is procuring 10 Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

Additionally, Vietnam Airlines is earmarking $ 100 million in air support and technology services from Sabre Corp.

President Trump is in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam for his meeting with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Oun. He commented positively on the above-mentioned trade agreements in the field of production and technical support for civil aviation aircraft before signing them.

“We will sign some major trade agreements,” said Trump, adding that Vietnam “will buy many different products from the US … We appreciate it,” the US president said.

For its part,  Bamboo Airways is interested in opening the air link to the US. It will be the first time that a Vietnamese airline will be able to fly, but also proceed to flight code sharing with US companies, according to Yahoo Finance.

The US Civil Aviation Authority (FAA) announced earlier in February that Vietnam has now complied with international civil aviation regulations.