Islamic Relief and Qatar implicated in Tunisian terror finance investigation

According to Sam Westrop, writing for, a well-known charity, Islamic Relief, and Qatar are implicated in a Tunisian Terror Finance Investigation.

As Westrop discloses, a “leaked report allegedly produced by the Tunisian Commission for Financial Analysis (CTAF) reveals an investigation into a prominent leader of Islamic Relief – the international Islamist charitable network founded in the U.K. and named by the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist organization – over concerns that monies given to Islamic Relief’s Tunisian branch by the British parent branch, Islamic Relief Worldwide, were used to fund jihadists at the Tunisian-Libyan border.”

According to the report, CTAF (whic, the author reminds us, is tasked with tackling money laundering and terror finance) ascertained that Islamic Relief Tunisia’s chief bank account received a total of almost $2.5 million from Islamic Relief Worldwide as well as a prominent New York financial services firm, INTL FCStone.

CTAF says it has studied the bank accounts of the former Director of Islamic Relief Tunisia, Abdelmonem Daymi, and his closest relations. As the report definitively notes: “investigators found that one of Abdelmonem Daymi and his wife’s joint accounts had received repeated large transfers totaling $150,000, in many different currencies, from sources in the U.K, U.S, and Qatar.”

Daymi is a long-standing employee of Islamic Relief, and has held senior positions in Islamic Relief Worldwide (the UK parent branch), Islamic Relief Canada and Islamic Relief Tunisia. Today, Daymi directs Islamic Relief’s operations in Lebanon. Despite having left Islamic Relief Tunisia in 2015, CTAF investigators reportedly concluded that Daymi retained control over Islamic Relief Tunisia’s bank accounts.

“Daymi is also the founder and former director of the Tunisia Charity, which serves as an arm of the Qatar Charity, which itself is funded and controlled by the Qatari regime. According to Tunisian media, Tunisia Charity was one of three organizations in Tunisia given access to $7.5 million of funding by the Qatari regime. In 2017, Tunisian lawmakers accused the Tunisia Charity of funding terrorism and called for an investigation,” notes the reporter.

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