Romanian coast guard opens fire against Turkish fishermen

Turkish media reported that the Romanian Coast Guard opened a fire against Turkish fishermen with plastic bullets but also regular rounds, with Romanians accusing the Turks of illegally fishing within the Romanian Black Sea Exclusive Zone (EEZ).

The Turkish side claims that the fishing vessel was merely passing through the area. The incident was recorded 50-65 miles (depending on the source) east of Kostantza and concerned the fishing vessel “Ostik Senol”, which did not stop when the Romanian Coast Guard ordered it to stop.

Three Turkish fishermen were reportedly injured in the incident. The Romanian side claims that the Turkish authorities at the port of Istanbul accused the ship’s crew of illegally entering an area of ​​Romanian jurisdiction and rights.

Turkish fishermen claim they were in international waters … Indeed, the waters were international, and “innocent passage” is allowed, but this does not apply to fishing.