Sudan president forbids demonstrations and strikes

The government of Sudan, under President Omar al-Bashir this week issued four new emergency laws forbidding demonstrations and strikes, as well as imposing new economic restrictions.

The measures came after Bashir announced a state of emergency Feb. 22, two months after demonstrations erupted across the country demanding regime change.

His aim, he said, was to rescue Sudan’s political and economic situation.

Sudan’s constitution enables the president to declare a state of emergency when there are threats to national security such as a war or natural disaster.

The emergency measures include restrictions on transactions involving gold and other national resources, and on money transfers.

The new rules are raising questions among rights groups and protesters. Despite the government restrictions, new protests broke out Wednesday at the Ahfad University for Women in Omdurman and at a hospital in Khartoum’s Bahri section, where a child died after being hit by a security car. Police pushed back the protest at the university and broke up the one at the hospital.