Hamas arrests Tehran pawn in Gaza

Hamas has arrested Hisham Salam, the leader of the Iran-sponsored al-Sabrin organization in Gaza.

Local reports revealed that Hamas personnel had raided Salem’s residence, arresting him. The operation in which the top pro-Iranian pawn in Gaza also targeted four of his personal aides and senior al-Sabrin officials.

In the arrest raid, digital devices, computers, mobile phones, and documents were seized. Salam’s detention comes as a major blow for Iran, especially as the latter had invested greatly in gaining a foothold and securing influence in the Hamas ruled Gaza Strip.

Salam’s arrest came in the context of Hamas’ plans to end al-Sabrin’s activity in the Strip.

The decision to arrest al-Sabirn is not being made public by Hamas, according to sources, because of the Palestinian’s group desire to maintain constraint and avoid escalating tensions with the Tehran regime.