US and Russian vessels stage chicken game in the northern Aegean

A dangerous, yet common lately, incident occurred this morning at the entrance of the Dardanelles, between a Russian frigate that entered the Straits to move to the Black Sea and American guided missile destroyer that were on a collision course.

The “incident” that once again ended with an American “retreat” involved USS Donald Cook and the Russian Black Sea Fleet frigate Admiral Makarov. The two ships were traveling among convergent courses and there was a need for a compromise for a change of course.

Interfax, the Russian news agency reported, at 8:00 Moscow time, while the US guided missile Destroyer directed missiles headed out to the Aegean, followed after ten minutes by the German frigate Admiral Essen.

As the Russians are getting used to the so-called “game of chicken,” they did not change their course, nor did they enter into a discussion with the US warship, with the obvious aim of making it change course.

The collision was avoided when the US ship tried to communicate with the Russian vessel seeking some agreement on how to maneuver, after which it changed course and continued its journey.