Pakistan claims to thwart Indian sub (vid)

The Pakistani Navy announced that it prevented an Indian submarine from entering Pakistan’s “territorial waters” while the tension between the two countries remains sharp.

In a statement, the Pakistani Navy spokesman pointed out that the Indian submarine was not fired upon “on the basis of the government’s policy of maintaining peace.”

This is the second time since 2016 when the Pakistani Navy found an Indian submarine trying to enter Pakistani territorial waters. The spokesman did not give any further details about the point, or time the submarine was found. However, the Pakistani Navy has released a video in which the submarine appears to be shown. In the images, which are not clear, only one periscope is visible above the water, and the date is Monday, March 4, at 20:35.

India has not yet commented on the incident. This announcement took place two weeks after the crisis broke out between the neighboring countries over the Kashmir disputed area. The confrontation began on February 14 when a suicide attack by Jaysh-a Mohammed, a Pakistan-based extremist organization, killed more than 40 Indian paramilitary personnel.

In retaliation, the Indian Air Force bombed a camp of the organization in northern Pakistan. Pakistan then announced it shot down two Indian aircraft and arrested one of its pilots, while New Delhi announced the shooting of a Pakistani fighter, which Islamabad denied.

The release of the Indian pilot from Pakistan seemed to drop the tones, but Indian and Pakistani soldiers continue to fire over the Control Line, at the de facto border between Indian and Pakistani Kashmir, resulting in the deaths of several civilians on both sides.