Sikorsky unveils two new S-92 variants

Sikorsky is presenting a pair of S-92 variants, one an upgrade to the long-serving heavy type, designated S-92A+, alongside a new production S-92B.

Among planned changes to the modified aircraft will be enhanced flight control systems and main gearbox additions, with the S-92A+ specifically receiving an increased 1,200lbs (544kg) payload.

Its upgrade kit will include Sikorsky’s Matrix 1.0. Super Search Technology; a lightweight multi-role interior; new crew and passenger seats; with the company also mentioning that benefits will also include vibration reduction improvements and the optional installation of the GE CT7-846 powerplant for better hot and high performance.

The S-92B shares the same features of the S-92A+ but is distinguished by titanium side frames and a 20% increase in cabin window size.