ISIS fighters detonate themselves as they stage surrender to SDF (vid)

A shocking video from the battlefields of eastern Syria came to light, highlighting the cruelty and unpredictable situations faced by Kurdish fighters fighting ISIS guerrillas.

More specifically, after the fall of the last stronghold of ISIS in eastern Syria, the rebels of the Islamist terrorist organization were called upon by the Kurds to surrender. Though hundreds of them have decided to follow the Kurdish prompts, some fanatics chose to commit suicide by taking with them as many opponents as possible.

In one of these cases, an ISIS rebel group decided to surrender to the Kurds fighters but wearing vests with explosives under their clothes that they would detonate as soon as they arrived near the Kurdish fighters.

As seen from the video, the Kurds were suspicious and seeing the refusal of the ISIS rebels to stop when called upon decided to open fire against them, killing them. But at least two of them either triggered the mechanisms or they were activated by the Kurdish fire causing their explosion as shown in the video.