Mt. Athos governor pays first-ever visit to Russia

Governor of Mount Athos Constantine Dimtsas paid an official visit to Saint Petersburg on Wednesday following a formal invitation by the Russian government.

Dimtsas met with St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov, who held a dinner in his honour and who said that it is the first official visit by a governor of Mt. Athos to Russia.

Beglov said that Orthodoxy and Mt. Athos comprise a shared spiritual, historical and cultural foundation shared by both Russia and Greece, and referred to his many visits to the holy mountain.

Dimtsas invited Orthodox Russians to visit Mt. Athos at least once in their lives and said the Greek state cares for it and protects it.

The Mt. Athos official also met with Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, who had recently been to Athens for routine meetings with the Justice minister, and with Igor Levitin, aide to the president of the Russian federation.