Russian frigate conducts drills off Scotland

A Russian frigate carrying a new type of weapon conducted “air defence and countersabotage exercises” in waters close to Scotland’s only air force base. A task group comprising the Admiral Gorshkov and three auxiliary ships entered the English Channel on March 5.

The frigate Admiral Gorshkov is equipped with “visual optical interference” weapons that can cause hallucinations and sickness in enemies.

The 5P-42 Filin was developed after research at St Petersburg’s Institute of the Human Brain. It is designed to blind and disorientate enemies using fast pulses of high-intensity light beams.

A Royal Navy warship has been deployed to track the Russian naval task group that is thought to be journeying towards the Mediterranean.

HMS Defender, a guided missile destroyer, was dispatched over the weekend to keep watch on Admiral Gorshkov, the first of a new class of Russian frigates, and three auxiliary ships.

The Russian vessels sailed from Murmansk, the port town on the Barents Sea in the Arctic Circle that is home to Russia’s northern fleet.