Millennium Gun and VL MICA to arm newest Indonesian frigate

Indonesian state-owned shipbuilder PT PAL has begun installing the Rheinmetall Oerlikon 35 mm Millennium Gun and the VL MICA air defence missile system on the country’s lead Martadinata (SIGMA 10514)-class guided-missile frigate.

The Millennium Gun is being fitted on a pedestal just ahead of the ship’s bridge, while the 12-cell VL MICA system is located just behind its main gun.

The R.E. Martadinata-class of guided-missile frigates of the Indonesian Navy are SIGMA 10514 types of the Netherlands-designed Sigma family of modular naval vessels. The frigates are each built from six modules or sections, four built at the PT PAL shipyard at Surabaya, the other two at Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding in the Netherlands. Currently only 2 R.E. Martadinata-class frigates have been ordered, however, with the planned retirement of the Ahmad Yani-class frigates it is widely expected that more R.E. Martadinata-class frigates will be ordered and built.