The end of the German armed forces

Voltaire once said: “Where some states have an army, the Prussian Army has a state.” But this may have come to an end as the reunited German state possesses no armed forces to speak of.

The German Armed Forces are in really bad shape, not only in terms of the state of their material and means but above all the morale of their officers, as the long-term spending cut and the total indifference of the country’s leadership led one of its strongest military forces in Europe to decline.

According to the valid European political website, Politico, the situation in the German Armed Forces is so tragic that only 20% of the helicopters of the EC665 Tiger, ie 13 helicopters are operational, and only 30% of the 136 Eurofighter, ie 40 aircraft, can fly.

And all this in the most powerful economy of Europe and the 4th largest economy globally and one of the most powerful military forces of modern world history in the last 150 years. It seems the Prussian military tradition has met its demise at the hands of timid bureaucrats.

However, this tragic situation does not seem to worry the country’s political system much, since spasmodic efforts to commission the resolution of the German Armed Forces’ problems to advisory companies did not have the desired effect.

Similar is the behavior of German citizens who do not realize that their safety is based on nuclear deterrence by the United States and the military presence of 33,000 US soldiers in their country at a time when the German Army has only 3 Armored Brigades with 5,000 personnel each, 3 Mechanized Brigades,  one air deployable Brigade, 1 Special Forces Brigade, 1 Mountain Combat Brigade, 1 Brigade with France, and 1 Brigade with the Netherlands.

At the same time,  German Armed Forces officers refrain from wearing their uniforms when they travel or are not in the service to avoid bullying and aggressive comments, while the Potsdam City Council discusses whether it should allow military recruitment posters for the German Armed Forces, to be displayed in public. After that, it is no wonder why the German Armed Forces are in this tragic situation …