Is Russia jamming Norwegian military systems?

The Norwegian government has decried what it calls continued “electronic harassment” of critical communications systems and networks by the Russian government.

The military’s move was triggered by fresh intelligence reports from Norwegian security agencies that link the jamming of GPS signals — most recently during the Trident Juncture joint exercises in the High North with NATO held October to November 2018 — to electronic interference by Russia.

Most of the incidents of jamming since 2017 coincided with joint Norway-NATO exercises in the High North. The region is close to the heavily fortified military installations on the Kola Peninsula, which houses Russia’s Northern Fleet and elite Arctic land, air and naval forces.

Incidents of signals jamming by Russia are documented in the Norwegian Intelligence Service’s (E-tjenesten) annual national risk and situation report delivered to the government in February.

The NIS report details repeated incidents since 2017 where GPS signals and other secured communications between Norwegian Armed Forces, or NAF, units engaged in exercises were subjected to “blocking measures” from sites located in Russia.