US national security budget tops $750 bln

The Pentagon’s fiscal year 2020 budget request will include $545 billion in base defense spending, $164 billion in overseas contingency operations funding, and $9 billion in “emergency funding” that could be used to cover funding gaps in military construction that result from President Donald Trump’s use of an emergency declaration to fund the proposed wall at the southern border.

The overall national security budget is expected to be around $750 billion dollars, of which the Department of Defense will make up $718 billion.

The top line budget figures are expected to be released March 11 as part of the government-wide unveiling of the president’s FY20 budget request. More specific numbers for the Department of Defense are scheduled to be released March 12; however, numbers for the Future Years Defense Program and detailed breakdowns of individual programs are not expected to be available until March 18, when the department-wide justification books are released.

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has repeatedly referred to the fiscal 2020 budget as the “masterpiece” document and that it has been shaped by the conclusions drawn from a series of long-term strategies including the National Defense Strategy, Nuclear Posture Review, and Missile Defense Review.