USN planning “ghost” flotilla with crewless vessels

The US Navy is planning the creation of a ghost fleet with unmanned vessels to face future threats.  Ships will feature high-tech sensors and adequate weapons to counter threats.

For the implementation of this procurement program, the US Navy will spend a total of $ 2.7 billion for shipbuilding two ships per year starting in FY 2020 and going through to 2024.

In total, 10 ships will be built in the coming years, which will be 70-100 meters long and have a displacement of 2,000 tonnes.

Essentially these are unmanned corvettes that will be equipped with vertical Mk 41 & Mk 57 launchers that will carry SM-2 & SM-6 missiles, as well as AGM-158C LRASM anti-ship missiles type and anti-submarine weapons.