B-52 conducts virtual bombing of Russian fleet

A US B-52H Stratofortress strategic bomber conducted a virtual bombing run against the Russian Baltic Fleet on Friday, March 15, according to the Russians.

Obviously, this is one of the strategic bombers deployed a few days ago to Britain as part of the training of US crews with NATO allied forces in Europe.

According to the Russians, the US strategic bomber approached the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad in the Black Sea, where a significant part of the Russian Fleet was docked at a distance of 160 km following a course that simulated an attack on its naval yard.

The virtual assault took place at 16.25 am Moscow and the US bomber had a dial code “61-0009”. The US B-52H Stratofortress bombers, although old, have been upgraded and can carry a large number of cruise missiles to destroy targets at long range.

This operation is estimated to be the American response to the repeated Russian mock attacks against Sweden, Denmark and Norway, which have been carried out Russian bombers from March 2013 until a few months ago.

These virtual air strikes have alarmed the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian government with the first being forced to decide to increase the country’s defense spending and strengthen the Armed Forces with new material and an increase in personnel, since the Russians targetted the capital,Stockholm.

In fact, the Americans are “paying back” the Russians in the same currency, but escalating the “cold peace” prevailing in the Baltic and Black Seas and the Russian-Norwegian borders.