Erdogan forbids non-Turkish, unpatriotic plays from state theaters

Erdogan forbids the performances of classical works by foreign writers on Turkey’s State Stages to “strengthen the national-patriotic feeling of the people.”

General Director of the State Theater of Turkey, Neyat Birecik, announced a few days ago: “We open the theaters only with local works written by Turkish writers and only by writers considered patriots”, leaving the artistic community of Turkey flabbergasted.

According to, which refers to press reports from the Turkish media, scheduled productions such as “Romeo and Juliet”, “Hamlet”, “Macbeth” and others are canceled.

Following the banning of plays by Shakespeare, Chekhov, Brecht, Carlo Goldoni, and Dario Fo by Tayyid Erdogan, the only  one, of the forbidden playwrights, still alive said: “It’s great to be in their company of the great writers and think that we the four of us are the cause of the problems facing Turkey! ”

Dario Fo believes that the ban on his works is for him a second Nobel prize, while commenting that “theater repression is a terrible sign, because the tendency to block anyone who is not on line is fascism.”

Things in Turkey are worsening every day. Artists from around the world are witnessing developments that confirm the most nightmarish scenarios.

Well-known artists and writers who were openly against Erdogan now appear in rallies for the Turkish president.

While those who resisted and refused to participate in these events saw their productions being canceled and their career destroyed overnight.

Turkish actress Orhan Aydin told that the new directorate already has a list of hundreds of actors to be dismissed from the state’s stages.