Belgium selects Belgium Naval & Robotics for minesweepers

Belgium has selected Belgium Naval & Robotics for the supply of twelve mine warfare ships and drone systems to equip the Belgian and Dutch Navies.

Following the competition launched in the summer of 2018, Belgium only commissioned the Belgian Naval & Robotics, which is made up of the Naval Group and ECA Robotics, to supply twelve ships and their ancillary equipment.

Six ships are for the Belgian Navy and the other six for the Dutch Navy. The contract, with a budget of almost € 2 billion, has a duration of 10 years. The final contract notice will take place within the next few weeks.

The Belgian Naval & Robotics group, as well as the Naval Group and ECA Robotics team, signaled that they are honored for the confidence of the Belgian and Dutch Marines and are looking forward to this new partnership with impatience.