Erdogan provokes Greece… yet again

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared along with Gray Wolves leader Develet Bahceli and in a delusional and provocative speech he specifically referred to the Asia Minor Catastrophe in the same city that witnessed the uprooting of its indigenous Greek population.

“Izmir (as Turks call Smyrna)! You healed the plagues of many Balkan cities like Thessaloniki, Crete, Skopje, Kosovo, Varna. Smyrna! You who Mustafa Kemal on September 9th with his army freed you once again. Smyrna you that throw the infidels in the sea and protect the helpless!”

Erdogan used the derogatory term gâvur to refer to non-Muslims, which can be loosely translated as infidel.

It seems that Smyrna’s protection of the helpless refers to the local population selling overpriced dinghies and fake liferafts to thousands of migrants seeking to cross the Aegean and making a profit from their plight.