Gun attack against tram in Utrecht, Netherlands

One person allegedly opened fire around 10:45 am local time according to eyewitnesses, resulting in injuries to several people, as the police said without giving an exact number.

There is a mobilization by the authorities in the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, while there are patrols at the point of the shooting,along with a counter-terrorist unit. Police helicopters are over the area in 24 Octoberplein, while ambulances are taking the injured and transporting them to hospitals.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the perpetrator had fled. Eyewitnesses have reported that there may be more than one perpetrator.

The police are urging local residents to avoid the point while investigations are being carried out to locate the perpetrator (perpetrators).

A resident in the area called Jimmy de Coster told local media that they fired a lot of shots and that a woman was lying on the ground shouting, “I did not do anything”.

“I was coming from my job when the incident happened. I was waiting at the traffic lights of the 24 Oktoberplein Square and I saw a woman on the ground, I think she was between 20 and 35 years old. At that moment I heard bang, bang, bang three times. Four men rushed very fast to her side and tried to drag her away, and then I heard bang, bang, bang again and these guys left her. Great chaos there. ”

A journalist named Yelle Tieleman reported on twitter: “They’re doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on someone on the tram. The situation is very serious. They are trying to keep alive the victim who they carried to an ambulance. ”

The 24 Oktoberplein-Zuid is a Utrecht tram stop, the entire network of which has been immobilized as the search continues, according to local media.