Over 1.7 million Syrian refugees want to return home

As the war in Syria is winding down, and as the European paradise promised to some refugees from Syria has not proven true, the refugee’s desire for a return to their homeland is increasing.

According to a report by the Russian news agency TASS, more than 1.7 million Syrian refugees, officially registered in various countries, are willing to return to their homeland.

“It is estimated that 1,712,264 Syrian nationals from 10 countries have expressed their desire to return back. As of September 30, 2015, a total of 389,735 Syrians have returned home from abroad,” the report of the Russian Syrian refugee agency says.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, about 6,647,000 Syrian refugees are registered and live in 45 countries. There are about 3.6 million in Turkey, about 1 million in Lebanon and about 700,000 in Jordan.

“The Syrian government is making efforts to increase the efficiency of the return process of Syrian refugees from foreign countries,” the announcement also said.