Erdogan again raises death penalty issue

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again said he was ready to reinstate the death penalty in Turkey, that it was wrong to abolish it, and that he was concerned that he needed to feed prisoners in jail because of the 2016 coup.

During a speech at a meeting in Eregli, which the Turkish NTV channel broadcast, the Turkish president said: “We made a mistake when we abolished the death penalty. Why; On the night of 15 July (during the attempted coup), 251 our fellow citizens were killed.

Even if they spend their lives in jail, I’m afraid that we have to feed them. If our House makes such a decision, then I will ratify it. ”

Similar statements on the return of the death penalty were made by the Turkish president in August 2018, when he said that “the country is sensitively addressing this issue” and if the House votes on such a law, he would ratify it.

In February, the Turkish president criticized the Egyptian leadership for adopting the death penalty as a punishment, describing its application as “a crime against humanity”. He also said that it is impossible to have any contacts with Egyptian President Amnesty Fatah al Sisi as long as “the country does not announce a general amnesty”.

The Turkish president again commented on the situation created by the terrorist attack in New Zealand on March 15, saying: “If the New Zealand government does not do the right thing, then we will do it. In this case I will be negotiating with the government of this country. The terrorist must be punished in the most severe way. “