Iran refutes Turkish claims of joint operation against PKK

Iran is not participating in the Turkish military operation against the Kurdish rebels, which began yesterday Monday and was presented by Ankara as a joint venture with Tehran, the official Iranian news agency reported.

“The Iranian armed forces have no role in the Turkish military operation against the PKK,” Irna reported last night citing a source that he did not name within the General Staff of the Islamic Republic Armed Forces.

“Iran’s armed forces will vigorously face any group seeking to cause problems in our national territory,”  added the same source cited by the Iranian agency without further clarification.

Citing Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu, Turkish news agency Anadolu said that Turkey and Iran launched yesterday an unprecedented “joint operation” against the PKK rebels without further elaborating.

Turkey has strengthened its co-operation with Iran over the PKK in recent years. Ankara is close to completing the construction of a “security wall” on its border with Iran to prevent the passage of Kurdish rebels between the two countries.