US implementing overhaul of Souda base

The US is upgrading the role of Souda base, on Crete. Already there is an approved upgrading study of facilities with parallel approval of a financial package.

The whole project is aimed at responding to the modern requirements, upgrading with the latest type of electronic facilities, among other things.

According to the information available, the operation will be within the current limits of the base. In an area of ​​20,000 sq.m. a massive two-storey terminal building is being built to accommodate the new base Wing Support offices in which the civilian and military personnel of the base will be accomodated.

The building under construction resembles the building facilities of Chania Airport. The construction of the project has been undertaken by a US construction company.

It should be noted that in order to promote the upgrading of the key US base, it is necessary to remodel the parking area and revetments of fighter aircraft that are expected to be permanently based there.

From the above specific it is a matter of course that it is the creation of a “node” of human resources and human resources for the effective operation of the base in the particularly important wider region of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.