Thales develops Ground Master 200 multi-mission tactical radar

A new air defense / anti-aircraft radar was developed by the French company Thales utilizing the know-how acquired by the development of the Ground Master 400 radar.

The new 4D “Ground Master 200 Multi Mission” radar uses Active Electronic Scanned Array (AESA) technology developed by the company. This particular radar is used to track aerial targets at low or high altitudes, coordinate mid-range anti-aircraft systems, track targets such as artillery and munitions, and ship tracking.

The system has a range of 250 km and can lock the target and coordinate antiaircraft systems at a distance of 100 km. Key features of the new radar are the ability to upgrade and expand the antenna, the ability to customize the radar software and the ability to transmit a multiple beam along two axes.

The new radar can be used either as a unit for aerial surveillance and anti-aircraft systems or for the detection of artillery and munitions. The first single will be delivered in 2021 in the Netherlands, which ordered 9 units.