Turkish defense minister says Aegean, Cyprus, and Black Sea are Turkish

Turkish politicians do not stop trying at every opportunity. On Thursday, while the Greek Foreign Minister, George Katrougalos, was in Antalya, they did not respect that either.

The Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, spoke again about the Blue Homeland and implied that Turkey owns the whole world! Only that this time he specifically included the Aegean and Cyprus. He said:

“We have 780,000 square kilometers of land of our homeland. We are talking about 780,000. I once used to say 800,000 to make it easy to understand. Some people misunderstood and told me “what land did we get?” Be careful. 780,000 square kilometers.

And we have the Blue Homeland of 462,000 square kilometers. We also have the sea and the bottom. The seas, the Black Sea, the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean, and within them Cyprus. So these areas are in the environment of our interest and are areas that we are responsible for ensuring peace and tranquility,” the Turkish Minister said.