Two Russian Typhoon-class SSBNs to be converted to SSGNs

The two Soviet-built Typhoon Class ballistic missile submarines of the Russian Navy will not be completely withdrawn from active service according to recent information.

Instead, the TK-17 Arkhangelsk & TK-20 Severstal of the Typhoon class are to be modernized and equipped with cruise missiles on the model of the four American  Ohio class submarines (SSGN) (USS Ohio (SSBN-726 / SSGN-726) SSN-727 / SSGN-727), USS Florida (SSBN-728 / SSGN-728), USS Georgia (SSBN-729 / SSGN-729) which are equipped with 154 BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

More specifically, the two submarines, although in a state of long-term storage, are to be activated, modernized and equipped with at least 200 Oniks P-800, 3M22 Zirkon and 3M54K and 3M14K (SS-N-30A) Kalibr missiles.

By equipping these two submarines with hundreds of cruise missiles, the Russian Navy acquires two major underwater weapon platforms that can hit anywhere in the world targets both at sea and on land at a distance of 660-2,500 km depending on the type of missile.

It is thought that each submarine will be included in the two largest Russian Navy Fleets, the North Atlantic Ocean Fleet and the Pacific Ocean Fleet, further enhancing the firepower of the two fleets. It is recalled that the third and last available Typhoon submarine was used to certify and test the Bulava RSM-56 ballistic missile.