HCUAV RX-1 from the Greek company Space Sonic with IDE electronics

A company based in Peniada, a small village in the municipality of Farkadona in the prefecture of Trikala, in the heart of the Thessalian plain, innovates and produces high technology products and conquered markets all over the world, and is now building a civilian UAV.

“The recipe for success lies in the love that our company members have for innovative products and the zeal that they show everyday to perfect their goals. We never rest. We do not settle down until we see the finished product even and optimal to the maximum extent. Any difficulties arise, we try to dodge them by creating safe levels of improvement and creation. ” This is what Amalia Makri, who is a shareholder of the company and responsible for domestic and foreign sales, highlights to the press.

“Space Sonic” has surfaced with industrial, olive harvesting machines for olive harvesting and food packaging molds to conquer markets all over the world. It is a company that has so far constructed from rocket components to spinal implants. Its latest creation is the HCUAV RX-1 Civilian Unmanned Aircraft, the first Greek production on such a scale.

Speaking of this latest technological effort, a partnership of three Universities of Intracom Defense and Spacesonic, Ms. Makri explained:

“Universities designed the UAV, Intracom Defense was involved in electronic equipment and our company built the unmanned airplane. It is a large-scale achievement by Greek standards and its role is multidimensional. Designed for civic oversight and protection, according to the strictest production standards, the HCUAV has made us a manufacturer of state-of-the-art machinery, with emphasis on design, manufacturing quality, production of large-scale high precision products and components. ”

With a range of 150 kilometers and 11 hours of autonomy, it can, from an altitude of two kilometers, flying day and night, transmit real-time critical and detailed information to support civil protection and public security services: monitoring land and sea borders, infrastructures, supporting rescue investigations, forest surveillance for early fire extinguishing, ground surveying, scanning for marine and air pollutants, roadside surveillance, aerial photography, ar all areas of interest.

Referring to the first start of this effort, Ms. Makri says that in 2006 she created Spacesonic, but basically explains, many years ago, the know-how of the company began in America and the transfer and development of this know-how continued in Greece .

In the first years, the truth is, Mrs. Makri continues, that we struggled in many areas but over the years our clients and suppliers have recognized the progress we have made and have helped enough in this. But of course, there were disappointments at a time when Greece faced problems in many areas, when it was more difficult for us.

But because we are in the center of Greece, our position is that we are at a strategically placed point because we can easily reach all the areas that we want to reach with our products, Amalia Makri, points out, speaking about the goals:

“Our goals are changing now. We are focusing on exploring new innovative product design patterns that address specific sectors such as agriculture and the research and innovation sector. The requirements of the latter I believe will really take off our company and expand our horizons in the development of large-scale construction and complex products. “