Hellenic Navy: Constant exercises alone and with foreign navies

The Hellenic Navy General Staff announced that from Sunday 17 to Thursday 21 March 2019, scheduled the “Pyrpolitis” small-scale technical training that was conducted in the wider Marine region of the Saronic Gulf, central and northern Aegean with the participation of frigates, missile craft, submarines, general support ships, helicopters , the Underwater Demolitions Command and Armed Forces personnel and personnel of the Air Force and the Hellenic Coast Guard.

This exercise was conducted within the framework of the annual Operational Training Program of the Navy units and in cooperation with other branches of the Armed Forces, aiming at maintaining and enhancing operational and combat preparedness and capacity as well as enhancing the interoperability and cross-branch coordination of the participants.


It was also announced that from March 14th to March 21st 2019, the “Ariadni 19” Multinational Mine Warfare Exercise took place in the wider marine area of ​​the Cretan Sea.

This is an INVITEX type exercise organized by the Navy on an annual basis to:

a. Enhance the operational and combat capability and readiness of all participants.

b. Train in design and conduct of mine warfare operations at the operational, tactical and technical level.

c. The evaluation of the Mine Warfare procedures and their respective tactical editions.

The frigate NAVARINO was the lead ship and the flagship, under which were the minesweepers KALISTO, KALYPSO and EUROPE, the gunboat KASOS, the French FS LYRE, the Spanish ship SPS DUERO, the Romanian ship ROS A CATUNEANU, units of the NATO Mine Countermeasures Group Two (SNMCMG2) consisting of the German ship FGS WERRA, the Spanish ship SPS TAJO, the Italian ship ITS TERMOLI and the Turkish ship TCG AKCAKOCA, nine specialist teams, the aircraft of Tactical Aviation Command, as well as  officers/observers from Egypt, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, and Romania.