Russian aircraft disembark troops in Venezuela

Two Russian aircraft landed at Venezuela’s central airport on Saturday with a Russian official and about 100 soldiers, according to Reuters, amid improved relations between Caracas and Moscow.

As Reuters reports, two aircraft taking off from a Russian military airport arrived in Caracas, according to a flight monitoring site, while another site said a plane left Caracas on Sunday.

The report comes three months after the two countries conducted military exercises on Venezuelan territory, which Nicholas Maduro described as a sign of strengthening relations between them, but Washington criticized it as a Russian intervention in the region.

Javier Mayorca, journalist, wrote on Twitter Saturday that the first plane bore Vasily Tonkoshkurov, the Russian army chief, adding that the second was a cargo plane carrying 35 tonnes of material.

Specifically, according to material posted on twitter, two planes, one Ilusin, and one Antonov appear to have landed in Vargas, Venezuela.

See the first photos and tweets for the two Russian aircraft:

Reuters also confirms the French News Agency. The Venezuelan authorities and the Russian embassy in Moscow in Caracas refused to comment on the French agency, although the news “played” in the Venezuelan media.

Last Wednesday, Maduro had said that Russia was going to send medication “next week”.