SMART-L AESA radar to be fitted to Netherlands frigates

With the new SMART-L Multi Mission Active Electronics Scanned Array (AESA) technology will equip four De Seven Provincien frigates of the Netherlands Navy.

Already the first ship HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën has been equipped with the new radar replacing the existing SMART-L and upgrading the ship’s capabilities. According to Thales NL, the new system is a long-range multiple-mission radar for aerial surveillance and ballistic targeting.

The SMART-L Multi Mission radar features GaN transceivers and features a dual-axis multi-beam receiver.

The new radar can track ballistic targets at a distance of up to 200 km while retaining its capabilities for parallel surveillance of aerial targets. It is noted that the Dutch ships are equipped with 32 RIM-66 Standard SM-2 Block IIIA missiles and 32 RIM-162 ESSM missiles.

The Dutch Navy is reportedly considering the possibility of using these ships as an anti-ballistic defense using the new SMART-L Multi Mission radar and the RIM-66 Standard SM-2 Block IIIA missile.