Erdogan has turned Turkey into a prison state

Turkey is becoming a prison state with the “blessings” of Erdogan and has officially announced the construction of 193 new prisons, due to capacity problems.

According to the Ahval Turkish network, the revelation was made after a question from the CHP  Kemalist party in parliament about the number of prisons.

Responding to the CHP question, the Turkish Ministry of Justice announced plans to build 193 prisons over the next five years.

The 126 prisons already being built

The reason for this decision, as explained by the Ministry of Justice, is the “unpredictable increase” in the number of detainees.

According to the figures released to the Turkish parliament, the 126 new prisons are already under construction, 23 are in the tender stage, and 35 remain in the design stage.

40,000 supernumerary prisoners today

As Ahval states, in December 2018, Turkey had 389 prisons, with a total capacity of 211,838 people.

The number of detainees, however, has increased considerably after the massive arrests of the Erdogan regime – police officers, judges, lawyers, journalists, students, armed forces personnel – after the failed coup d’état of July 2016.

Now, according to the same sources, the supernumerary prisoners are estimated at 40,000.

Turkey, according to the report, ranks third among the countries with the largest number of prisoners per population in Europe, behind Russia and Belarus.